SevinTech is approved through CAOIRI Part 21 Sub.J for Design Organization (DOA)


through CAOIRI Part 21 Sub.F for Producing base on it's capability list

SevinTech Design Organization Approval

SevinTech will ensure that an adequate number of appropriately qualified staff is provided to perform all the functions of the DO in avionic and cabin department. The Design Organization Approval has been granted to SevinTech for following areas:

  • Avionics equipment installation
  • Cabin Interiors
  • Structures

Privilege ...

  • SevinTech can perform design activities under Part 21 and within its scope of approval.
  • SevinTech shall be entitled, within its terms of approval and under the relevant procedures of the design assurance system:
    • To classify changes to type design and repairs as "major" or "minor".
    • To approve minor changes to type design and minor repairs.
    • To issue information or instructions containing the following statement:
       "The technical content of this document is approved under the authority of DOA number DO-15"

SevinTech Production Letter of Agreement

SevinTech is agreed to produce through Part 21 Subpart F. and based on its capability list. this list is composed of variety of electronic and structural items.
For more information on list of production, please refer to "Products" .

SevinTech Supplemental Type Certificate

SevinTech Authorised Release Certificate - Form 1

Form 1 is the Authorised Release Certificate for stating that a product, a part, or a component was manufactured in accordance with approved/not approved design data.
SevinTech's "Authorized release certificate Form 1" are displayed as below.