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Activity History - Design

Electro Avionic System Installation
Wifi IFE Installation A300-600
49 inches Wall Mounted Monitors Installation A300-600
EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) CRJ 200
SSPRAM (Solid State Pre-Recorded Announcement and Music) Installation MD-80
Photoluminescence Floor Path Marking replacement with light type B737
Structural Modifications
Stub Beam STA.578 Installation B737-400
Outer Wing Outer Flap Track Support Fitting Installation B737-400
Cabin Modifications
LOPA Change- Business IFE mounted Seat Installation A300-600
LOPA Change- B/C to Y/C A310

Activity History - Production

Products- Electronics
SSPRAM All Aircraft
Wifi IFE All Aircraft
Wall Mounted Monitors-24” to 49” All Aircraft
Cabin LED Strip Lighting (Replace with Florescent Lights) All Aircraft
EFB Installation Kit All Aircraft
Products- Structural
Stub Beam STA.578 B737-400
Outer Wing Outer Flap Track Support Fitting B737-400

Activity History - Tests

Test Title
RTCA DO-160 Tests
ED-130 Test
Fuel Microbial Test /Hydraulic Oil Contamination Test
Engine Oil Spectrometric Test
Material Strength Test

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