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IFE Monitor

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IFE is becoming a key component of airline's digital strategies to remarkably make it outstanding among other competitors. Large screen LCD monitors are best designed and fitted to all types of single and twin aisle commercial aircraft. Environmental compatibility (temperature, altitude, voltage spike, EMI/EMC, ESD, ... ), light weight and high display quality, are those factors we were concerned about in design, production and certification of our IFE LCD monitors. You can flexibly display your choices of entertainment including:
  • Safety related videos
  • Movies and clips
  • Installed camera videos
  • 3D moving map

SSPRAM (Solid State Pre-Recorded Announcement & Music)

SSPRAM is an additional option that enhances the standard PA system that could be integrated with the existing attendant panel or independently installed in an area being appropriate for cabin crew to deal with.
SSPRAM offers the following options:

  • Announcement (multiple languages briefing and safety messages played over cabin PA)
  • Music (on-board music)

Some advantages of SSPRAM include:

  • Reduced cabin attendant workload
  • Improving the quality of presentation and passenger comprehension
  • Easy installation and reconfiguration
  • Multi-language cabin briefings
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Skyfi Portable Wifi IFE

Our innovative, low cost, and highly interactive product, called Skyfi, is considered as the easiest and the quickest in-flight entertainment solution for bringing multiple contents to your passenger cabin. It has an incredible priority over existing costly in-seat installed entertainment monitors, as we stream multiple contents (including audio and video on demand, daily newspapers and magazines, moving map, customer based e-surveys, games and shopping) to passenger's own devices (laptop, tablet & smartphone).

Cabin LED Lighting System

Our brilliant cabin LED lighting solutions include mainly the replacement of outdated fluorescent lamps with more durable cabin LED lights and secondly the replacement of traditional passenger call sign back-lighting lamps with the newly designed LED ones.
Our LED products gives the airlines the following advantages:

  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive overall cost saving
  • Cabin ambiance enhancing
  • Customizable to meet the needs of any airline
  • Easy integration with cabin control system
  • Flexible by supporting a wide range of color temperatures (single or multi) and dimming options

Our solution is entirely compatible with the aircraft's existing system and are offered for all types of aircraft including Airbus and Boeing.

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Aircraft Structural Parts

Our design organization and production department are well qualified for designing, analysis, test, certifying and manufacturing of all types of aircraft's primary structural parts.
Static strength, safe life and damage tolerance evaluation will be considered and calculated for each item of structures by SevinTech Design Organization.
We offer our honorable customers the following production services:

  • CNC machining and milling
  • Sheet metal working including extrusion laser cutting and bending
  • Coating, plating and painting
  • Heat treatment
  • Shot peening
  • Performing all required verification tests including hardness, conductivity and tensile strength.
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