SevinTech Services

Our experienced team of designers and engineers provide a broad range of expertise including research, design strategy, idea generation and innovation, through design development.

Design Services

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SevinTech has well-trained and creative specialists in design and production with particular expertise on all large airplanes. SevinTech design organization performs all functions in the scope of avionic, cabin interior and structure. Design and installation of parts and assembly, 3D CAD modelling, preparing production and installation technical drawings and production planning are some of our design services.
Cabin interior

    SevinTech provides a full suite of design and parts-supply services to reconfigure the cabin interiors of commercial and VIP aircraft. From simple LOPA changes to business class and VIP interiors, we are able to provide related approvals for design changes, as well as approved parts to protect future asset value. Our team of engineers has extensive experience in the Boeing and Airbus fleets, including the most popular narrow body aircraft, through to the popular wide body aircraft. We offer a catalogue of the most popular pre-approved LOPA configurations for cost-effective re-configurations. Our capabilities include:

    • Interior upgrades
    • Seating installation
    • Seat modification and testing
    • Emergency safety equipment installation and approval
    • Interior compartment upgrade
    • Structural component installation including overhead bins, PSU, dividers, galleys and other monuments
    • Flammability testing of cabin components (FAR/CS 25 Appendix F)
Avionic equipment installation

    Sevintech avionic team are involved in projects related to modification or addition of avionic systems in aircraft. Design and production of avionic components is performed seamlessly by our team members. Besides the current projects, research is carried out to develop inventive solutions for improving our products. SevinTech offers a wide range of solutions that take user experience to new heights, including:

    • IFE system removal/installation/adaptation (general screen, in-seat display, WIFI IFE equipment)
    • Cabin lighting system design and modification
    • In-seat Power Supply System (ISPSS) removal/installation (including MCU, ISPC, and PFDB)
    • Wiring and routing
    • SATCOM installation
    • T-PED testing to DO-294/ED-130
    • Issuance of the relevant Service Bulletins (SB) according to the above mentioned activities.

    SevinTech structural & analysis team with related academic studies (with majority of mechanical & aero-structural fields) and industrial experience are involved in projects related to aircraft structures and substructures including new structure design, minor repair design, major repair design and installation design. In this regard, a variety of analysis, test and modelling for both isotropic and composite materials are defined as below:

    • Strength
    • Frequency
    • Buckling
    • Fatigue (Safe-life and damage tolerance)
    • Tensile
    • Hardness
    • Fatigue test
    • Stress Corrosion Cracking
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Metallography test
    According to the knowledge of CS-25 and FAR-25 regulations, all documents are prepared with applicable airworthiness and operational requirements for the structural substantiation which forms part of the overall certification process.

Production Services

SevinTech has been established as a global market leader in manufacturing parts of structure and interior systems. For more information on list of production, please refer to "Products" .

Test & Analysis Services

SevinTech conducts a series of test & analysis for design, production and in-service components which include:

ASTM Test Services
    • Hardness
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Tensile Stress
    • Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
    • Material Identification
    • Spectrometric Oil Analysis
    • Micro-bacterial Contamination
    • Particle Contamination
EUROCAE ED-14/DO-160 Test Services
    • Temperature
    • Altitude
    • Humidity
    • Operational Shocks and Crash Safety
    • Vibration
    • Magnetic Effect
    • Voltage Spike
    • Radio Frequency Susceptibility
    • Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
    • Electrostatic Discharge
    • Fire, Flammability

Training Services

To comply with the authority requirements and improving the knowledge and efficiency of the design engineers, SevinTech is ready to hold some aviation legislation training programs to be familiar with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), etc. Our general training courses include:

  • Part 21 – Certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances of design and production organizations
  • CS-25 - Certification specifications for large airplanes
  • Structural strength and finite element analysis